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Owner Lionel Lowry has always wanted to write a children's book.  He finally has.  Super Emotions! A Book for Children with ADD/ADHD is launching soon and Lowry couldn't be happier with the project.  "I had the pleasure of watching a young boy's face light up as he read the book.  He had ADD/ADHD and never had quite understood what it meant.  This book normalized his perception of the condition and encouraged him to take control of his emotions.  The book is on sale now at www.SuperEmotions.com

Follow-up: A new book for kids with strong emotions who have not been diagonsed with ADD/ADHD has just gone on sale.  Super Emotions! A Book for Children with Powerful Feelings was written so that there would be a verion of the book that would be appropriate for every child.

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Tampa based Fruit of the Vine Organics went through serveral variations until they decided on the Fruit Crate art style logo.  "We had fun with this project," said First Hook's Lionel Lowry.  "The client had many great ideas that we played with and tweaked until we obtained the look they were going for."

Creating a logo is one of the first steps in building a company's identity.  The logo helps make your first impression and can help "hook" its prospective audience.

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One of the goals for St. John's Episcopal Church of Tampa was to get parishioners all on the same page.  We worked to create an attractive electronic weekly newsletter that we dubbed The Weekly Wednesday Scroll.  Feedback has been extremely positive.  Event enrollment is up.  Participation is up.  A large number of the congregation's Scroll readers are ecstatic about the weekly piece relating the tangible and perceived benefits of the publication.  "It's great to know what's going on and to feel so connected to the church," said one St. John's member.

Whether your audience is a 1,000 member church congregation or a 30,000 list of potential clients the power of email newsletters should not be overlooked.

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First Hook has been working to help St. John’s Episcopal Church improve their communication channels with their parishioners. This has included revamping their electronic newsletter, simplifying their monthly mailed publication and creating a new website for St. John’s. Located in South Tampa, St. John’s will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012. First Hook is proud to be a part of this historic centennial.
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